Our Philosophy

In the vineyard and the cellar, I believe in minimal handling and intervention only when necessary. 


Our wines are fermented by ambient yeast which is naturally present in the vineyards and cellar. 


We do not use any enzymes, tannins or other products to manipulate our wines. 
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We use S02 sparingly and only when needed, judging on a wine-by-wine basis guided by chemistry and my years of experience to create wines without faults which you will be able to age at home in your cellar. 


We don’t filter our wines; I believe that can remove some of their character. Instead, we keep our wines layered and vibrant, by using time and gravity to allow the wines to slowly settle and clear. So, if you find a little sediment at the bottom of a bottle or underside of the cork, now you know why! 


Experimentation with different fermentation and aging vessels is fun and keeps me creative as we work towards always improving on our last vintage. We use oak barrels, amphora, concrete, and stainless-steel tanks during the winemaking stages as it creates different flavour profiles and textures.


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